Why Podcaster.one

Why should you choose Podcaster.one?

Why Podcaster.One We have worked hard to make Podcaster.One a platform which provides you the tools to easily create your podcasts, supported by a beautiful back-end which makes creating and editing your podcasts a breeze. We believe that we provide a compelling value proposition for content creators for whom their podcast is a method to support their brand, expand their name recognition and grow their audience. We offer a free trial which allows you to test our platform for a minimum of 30 days to ensure that it matches your expectations.

Unlimited Hosting

Unlimited Hosting Any Podcaster.One account comes with unlimited hosting! Create as many podcasts and episodes as you want; we want to enable your creativity and allow you to experiment with different formats without burdening you with additional costs. Do you want to create targetted podcasts for different audiences? Go for it! Do you have a friend who wants to get into podcasting but isn't sure yet whether it's the right thing for them? Great, invite them to your team and have them create their podcast alongside yours.

Simple & Transparent Pricing

Pricing Our pricing plans are tiered by the number of downloads per month per account and by the size of your team. Simple, transparent and straight to the point. If you exceed your monthly download limit, we will not limit downloads for the first month this happens, you are thus guaranteed that your audience will be able to access your podcast(s) without disruption of service. We will then contact you in order to notify you of the need to upgrade your account in order to avoid disruption of service in the following months.

We respect your Content

Respect You love your content and we respect the work and dedication that goes into creating it! As such, Podcaster.One will never alter the audio you upload; we do not insert ads or anything else into your audio files and host the MP3 files as you provide them. You are in full control to deliver your message exactly as you want it to be heard. You create it, you own it and we host it. That's it.

A Back-End you will enjoy working with

Back-End We have worked hard to build a back-end - the part of the site which allows you upload and administer your podcasts - which is both functional and easy on the eyes. You have the flexibility to manage every aspect of your publishing and team through an expertly designed user interface. Whether you upload your podcast from a computer or a mobile device, our interface accommodates your needs without compromise. Give it a try, you'll like it!

Analytics Done Right

Analytics We record every download of you podcast episodes and provide you with aggregated analytics which allow you see how your audience is growing, what devices they are using and other relevant data. You can filter by date and episode ranges and also download the raw access data in order to perform your own analysis and gain further insights applicable to your specific interests.

A Beautiful Audio Player

Audio Player Our audio player features an animated frequency diagram which makes adds visual appeal when embedding it on your website. Of course, if you only want the plain version, you can disable this, but we believe your listeners will enjoy a more visual experience when listening your podcast embedded on your website.

Additional Promotion Services

Promotion The biggest challenge for new podcasts, apart from the mechanics of the initial creation, is to get people to discover it. To this end, we have added the ability to get your podcast listed in the promotional sections of other websites. Of course, your content will ultimately determine your success, but getting more eyes (in this case, it's actually 'ears') on your podcast can be a significant factor when getting started.

Automated Import of existing Podcasts

Import Do you have a podcast you want to migrate to Podcaster.One? No problem! Simply enter the RSS Feed URL and we'll take care of the rest. Once imported, you can review and edit the data which we imported and once satisfied with the results, re-publish your podcast with Podcaster.One as your host.

Automatic Backup

Backup We provide you with the ability to automatically back up your files (MP3s and the generated RSS file for your podcast) to Google Drive. That way, you have had a backup copy all your content in a secure location. Of course we perform our own backups, but with digital data, which can disappear in a second when things go horribly wrong, it's better to be safe than sorry!

Automatic Social Media Posts

Social Media Spreading the word through social media is a lot of work and it gets old pretty fast. This is why, if you want us to, we'll take care of this for you. When you publish an episode we will automatically post and announcement to your social media channel, letting your followers know that you've been creative and that there's new content for them.

YouTube Republishing

Video Republishing Why limit yourself to a single distribution channel? We provide you with the ability to create a background image and based upon this, will create a video of your podcast which you can then upload to YouTube in order to reach an even wider audience. We will expand the capabilities of this feature in the future, stay tuned for future updates.